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About the company

Strategy is already half done

/Erich Maria Remarque/


SIA "Sandra Dzerele un partneris” is duly licensed certified auditor commercial company (LZRA licence No.38), which initially commenced its activities in 1996 and on 17 January 2000 the company was entered in the LR ER Commercial register under the name SIA"Sandra Dzerele un partneris". 

SIA "Sandra Dzerele un partneris” provides audit and audit related services, accounting, legal, valuation services, as well as tax, finance and business advice services to clients, who operate or intend to start business in Latvia.


Objectives of the company: 

  • to be a team of experts recognized of good quality, which advice was the basis for making the most important business strategic decisions; 

  • to provide the growth of business value of our clients for a long-term. 


Objectives implementation strategy:

  • to provide service complying with the International Auditing and Assurance Standards, as well as the International and Latvian Property Valuation Standards;

  • to establish a team of key experts out of the professionals, putting forward high requirements relating to the education, experience and communication skills;

  • to provide a complex range of service to our client, involving the most appropriate specialists;

  • to have a good idea on the client’s business, to value its risks and problems and make recommendations for the best solution;

  • direct communication of key professionals with a client at all levels and stages of the service provision, providing an operational decision-making to the client.

Quality Control

​SIA “Sandra Dzerele un partneris” is subject to the monitoring of quality control which is put into practice by the Latvian Association of Certified Auditors (LACA). All LACA’ provided monitoring of quality occurs making the high quality valuation.

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